Monday, September 27, 2010

Iplehouse gets more amazing, just when I thought they couldn't!

Yesterday, I picked up my Iplehouse Tokyo Story Tedros from the post office. Again, the actual doll is more beautiful in real life than in any of the pictures I've seen of him. The sculpt is gorgeous; Iplehouse is truly the leader in beautiful and realistic dolls! On top of that, the resin color is indescribably rich, even & only adds to the beauty of the doll.

I was able to take part in the Summer Event, which meant that I received some free gifts along w/my doll. In addition to the Tokyo Story Kimono set that I bought (which I have yet to try on him), they sent a blond wig which is a fine wig (as theirs tend to be), but doesn't fit with any of my dolls, so I'll probably be offering that for trade on Den of Angels. They also sent a pair of the Grey Cargo Pants, which I never would have ordered, but they actually look quite nice on Pakko, I think.

They're Super Hero body sized, but he has the Model Body, so they're a bit big in the waist for him, but that allows them to sit on his hips so yummily!

And the back view.  ;o)  Like I said, I wouldn't have ordered these, but since Pakko is a modern member of the Water Tribe (from Avatar: The Last Airbender), the grey pants with blue accents are actually very appropriate for his character (though I'm not a fan of superfluous zippers & straps, so I may be modifying that aspect of them).

I wanted to do a "Fashion Show" with some other Superhero-Sized clothing on him, but I'm afraid the rest of Ismael's wardrobe is in storage. Once I can reunite with said wardrobe, though, I'll definitely be seeing how some of these other clothes fit on him.

His blue eyes (Eyeco 12/13 mm eyes in color P056) are perfect for a member of the Water Tribe.

I took a few quick shots to compare resin color with my other kids. Here, Irena (Tan Limhwa Luna) is getting super cozy with the new sexpot on the block. Pakko obvs enjoys the attention, but he's more into Ismael.  ;o)

Since I mentioned it, I should clarify further: Ismael & Pakko 'messed around' a bit when they first met, but that attraction was fleeting & now they're quite good friends.

A couple of looks at Iplehouse's RealSkin resin (Ismael: EID Akando w/Superhero body) & Tan/Lt Brown (Pakko: EID Tedros w/Model Body).

One of my favorite things about the Tedros sculpt is his nose. That slight 'bump' gives him such character & makes his the most distinguished-looking & interesting nose I've seen on a BJD to date. Such a handsome doll!


  1. Those are the two most handsome men bjd that I've ever seen. Can't wait to see what you do with the new guy's face-up.

  2. Oh man, that bit you wrote about his nose is almost exactly what my BFF said before she ordered her Tedros. :]