Sunday, June 13, 2010

Irena Magdalena Luna

I've had some absurdly good luck in terms of my "doll wishlist". I found a Tan Limhwa Luna for sale secondhand at what I considered to be a ridiculously good price. I add the caveat "what I considered to be a ridiculously good price" because a "good price" on the secondary market is highly subjective. Highly. But, in this case, the doll was in excellent condition and offered at a fair chunk below "retail". On top of that, 'Luna' had been high on my "dream doll" list since I saw a Limhwa doll in person for the first time at a BJD meetup a few months ago.

There was some foolishness with the local Post Office, and for a few days I feared she might have been outright lost by USPS! Fortunately, the seller had opted for both a tracking number & insurance at my behest. No way was I gonna shell out the money for my Dream Doll only to have her get lost en route to me! Finally she was home (she arrived with the wig & eyes pictured above) & it was time to co-ordinate with a local faceup artist to get her the look I had envisioned for her. There are two meetups happening this weekend, & Dolpa is next weekend, so I wanted to get her look together as quickly as possible!

I had ordered a couple of wigs & some clothes (also secondhand--I think I'm officially 'sold' on the idea of shopping secondhand for BJD's whenever possible!), & this one arrived while I was waiting for her. I very much like the way she looks with black hair, though I'm not sure this style is a "keeper", though it definitely works for now. Friday evening, I took her over to the faceup artist's house & we talked about how I wanted her to look, what I thought her personality was like, & what her overall look would be. I bought some smaller peepers for her from his stash of eyes while I was there, to give her a more 'human' & less 'doll-like' look.

Eye size is ultimately a matter of personal taste, though conventional wisdom is that larger irises will make the doll look 'younger', since the human eyeball is pretty much "full-grown" at birth. The faceup guy tried to steer me towards larger irises, but I knew what I wanted & stuck to it! LOL! Ultimately, I really want dark brown eyes for her, but this pair was the only color he had available in the size I was going for. They don't look bad on her at all, & they'll do for now! I was reassured on my choice of eye size when he was photographing the completed faceup for his portfolio & said, "she looks real!" Of course, part of that was in reference to the gorgeously realistic tone of the resin & to his amazing work on her aesthetics, but the eye choice helped, too! ;o)

These last few pics are from the BJD meetup I went to today. They're pretty focused on her face, but only because it's so amazing! I'm getting acquainted with my sewing machine & I have some more clothes in mind for her. I'm sure you'll see more of her when I have some amazing clothes to show off with her!

This is my favorite pic of her right now. She looks particularly 'human', since you can't see the seams or joints of her body, & would you look at that beautiful face!

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