Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noctarcana Realness

The doll meetup this past Sunday had a  "Masquerade" theme. I wasn't sure what to make, but I found this fabric & knew it would look great fashioned into a tight shirt stretched over the hotness that is the Iplehouse Superhero body.

As I was working, I realised that the look has a bit of Noctarcana Circus in it, which makes sense, since I've been smitten with Akando since the Pierrot edition was released as the premiere doll of that series.

The shirt is still kind of "unfinished" in a few ways, but I like the way it looks thus far, & it served its purpose at the meet. A few passers-by even stopped to take pictures of Ismael! Yes, that is a cool feeling!

It's uncommon to see BJD's with dark eyes in general... in fact I think they're almost a rarity, but I think Ismael's gaze looks extra smoldering with dark eyes.

Boots, jeans, belt, & wig by Iplehouse. 
Shirt by me
Eyes by Eyeco (12/13mm "Ebony").

There's something very intimate about this last pic. Whenever I see closeups of faces like this, I think of them as a "lover's close up".

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Living Dead Dolls: Jubilee

There's more BJD hotness coming down the pike, but I wanted to share one of my other favorite line of dolls: Living Dead Dolls. I love horror movies, I love dolls, & this line brings those two favorites together like no other. Sure, there are other doll series that appeal to the "goth" crowd, but I particularly love the way these kids (because they are kids!) bring the realness with the perfect blend of cute & creepy. For example, here we have Jubilee.

Wrapped up inside this present,
A gift for you awaits.
By opening it you have condemned yourself,
And sealed your own fate.
So hopefully your birthday goes off without a hitch,
And Jubilee is not around.
For if you invite this ghoul to your celebration,
Evil will surely abound.

I love how this picture--with the sinister eyebrows out-of-frame--illustrates the almost-cute factor of this doll. If her coloring were more rosy instead of greenish, & if she didn't have the green saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, she'd be really cute.

I think that part of what I like about her, though, is that she's clearly a little girl who's dressed to go to a party--probably a birthday party. She reminds me of a brief bit of a British movie I saw once on PBS when I was a wee tyke in Texas. I didn't catch the full plot, but I gathered that there was a birthday party, & that there was a special cookie intended for the Birthday Child, but a guest of the party (another child) snuck into the kitchen & ate the cookie instead. That child got really sick--maybe she died, & dunno, I didn't get to watch enough find out what happened to her. I tend to think that Jubilee is that child, though, with her (poisoned?) green sputum dribbling onto the crisp white collar of her party dress.

Details like her green nail paint & the blushing (shading) at her wrists, elbows, & on her knees just make her a great doll. It's those little details that make the look comprehensive & allow the imagination to believe that a grisly fate really did befall this kid.

She's not "just another" cute doll, but she's definitely a damned cute & creepy doll...& now she wants to play with youuuuuuu!!!!